Mission Statement

We are committed through personal and team growth, to create an environment that empowers individuals to make personal health choices, and provide excellent, innovative dentistry to support those choices.

Ours is a health-centered general practice in a center city loft location. We are currently accepting new patients. We are handicapped accessible. We care for people of all ages, helping them to make choices to maintain or improve their dental health as well as overall well being.

Our updated technology includes digital radiography and soft tissue laser treatment. Although our team provides excellent routine dental care, we especially enjoy complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Included in this category is treatment of bite problems caused by misalignment of teeth and wear caused by occlusal disease (grinding). In addition to restoring function, we can restore your smile or create a new one. Where appropriate, we can provide metal-free dentistry using modern materials and an excellent laboratory.


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